Falken Tyres and its Technology

Among a whole lot of brilliant tyre manufacturers belongs the name of Falken Tyres. The world of tyres cannot leave out this name while speaking of excellence and innovation. Speaking of contribution in the tyre industry, Falken tyres have considerable involvement in the motorsports, which also results in its worldwide fame. Let us get some more details of the company’s history and their technologies involved in manufacturing world-class tyres for all vehicles.

The Story Unfolds

Japan in 1983 saw the rise of a new tyre manufacturing company under the ownership of Sumitomo Rubber Industries. It started with the aim of providing performance tyres for all kinds of vehicles, including passenger cars, light and medium trucks, sedans, and SUVs. It spread over the globe at a rocket speed and so within the next two years it reached the ground of North American market. And by the year 1988 Falken tyres also established itself in Europe.

At current times Falken is a stand-alone company that is adept in producing ultra-high-performance tyres for all vehicles. Its active involvement in motorsports also helps in its brand advertising to a great extent. It won the prestigious Mirage Cup International Series in 1988, the Class 1 Series Championship of 98’-00’ and also the Formula Drift Championship in 2010. Falken tyres also sponsored several race series like the ALMS, Super Taikyu series, 24 Hours Nürburgring, Formula D, D1 Grand Prix, British Drift Championship, etc. Now let us have a glimpse of its journey to Europe.

Falken in Europe

The company reached the European market soon after its foundation in 1988. And from then, its journey towards success has been awe-inspiring. The European subsidiary of Sumitomo Rubber Industries Limited (SRI) which is Japanese in its origin stands as Falken Tyre Europe GmbH. It established its headquarters in the Offenbach am Main of Germany. This facility has been producing varied tyre products for different ranges of automobiles both as original equipment fitting or aftermarket purchase. It is a fascinating fact that in a short period FalkenTyres has made a pact with over 8000 tyre dealers all over Europe which helps in its sale to a great extent. For this reason, it is not a problem to locate a tyre fitter and retailer dealing with Falken tyres anywhere in the country. As a result customer of Falken tyres does not face any issue to resolve their tyre problems and receives ‘A’ class service anytime and anywhere.


Falken is known for its innovative way of solving tyre problems as they always come up with 100% effective tyre technologies.

Some of them are incredibly inspiring, such as the following:

  • Silent Core: a noisy ride is the last thing that one needs, especially when you are out on a joy ride. Keeping this in mind Falken tyres thought of using the silent core technology for their tyres Online. Usually, the sound that is generated by the tyres occurs due to the friction. This technology helps to minimise the sound by lessening the vibrations in the tyre core by installing a thin foam layer within which controls the vibration and conflict as well to an extent.
  • NEO-T01: this is the Falken tyre superior tyre technology which is used in manufacturing ultra-high-performance tyres with the run-flat feature as well. The process is unique and mostly assembled automatically using the computer-driven system. Ever since the use of this technology, the standard of the premium tyres has risen in the tyre market.

There are several other technologies used by Falken tyres Chesham like the gyro blade technology, advanced 4D nano design, and others which explains the reason for their fast and furious success journey.